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Lap Frames
Testimonial: “Still love my Gruber's quilting hoop that I got at least 10 years ago. I have a feathered star in it it now, hand quilting. Just wanted to tell you how much I love the hoop.” Kathleen F. of Kansas

14″ Square Hooking Frame

Price: $94.00 each

No Slip Hoop 10″ MH133

Price: $16.49 each

No Slip Hoop 12″ MH143

Price: $17.69 each

No Slip Hoop 5″ Petite MH113

Price: $9.49 each

No Slip Hoop 9″ Petite MH173

Price: $13.99 each

Original 14″ Diameter Lap Hoop
Ingenious pivot & swivel design. Allows your work to rotate 360 degrees while the base remains steady in your lap. Cross bar adds extra strength as well as providing an arm rest to help minimize fatigue.

Price: $84.00 each

The “Finisher” – Half Hoop Adapter
€œQuilt Border Edges" - makes any Hoop up to 16" a Half Hoop. Designed to hold your scissors,  spool, and needles. Just insert hoop between the bars, pin quilt edge to strip of webbing and start quilting!

Price: $15.00 each