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If you don't see a specific fabric or pattern here, don’t give up! We have over 10,000 bolts and hundreds of patterns in store. Contact us and include as much information as you can. Email a picture of the fabric to speed up the process. Is it hard to describe? Call us toll free at (877) 778-7793 and we will hunt for it! Fabric colors may vary depending upon your computer system/monitor.
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Quilting Accessories

120″ Retractable Tape Measure #12645

Price: $5.25 each

Bodkin #4001
A bodkin is a handy tool to have - it is a tool that helps replace drawstrings and other items that are enclosed in a casing.

Price: $4.25 each

Magic Bobbin Washers BW12
These washers eliminate the backlash in the bobbin when changing directions at high speed. Fits all domestic machines. Designed by author, teacher and award winning quilter Sharon Schamber. Package of 12.

Price: $10.95 each

Magic Mirror MM8941
Size: 6" square - bifold An innovative way to preview design concepts. Helps establish how your ideas work before extensive cutting.

Price: $12.00 each

Perfect Piecing Seam Guide PDG301
Mark your sewing machine for Perfect Piecing every time! Position your needle for a perfect scant 1/4" seam. Great for use when you don't have a 1/4" piecing foot available. You can even use it to check the accuracy of your 1/4" foot!

Price: $6.00 each

Prairie Pointer Pressing Tool #PP
Prairie Pointer Pressing Tool produces perfect prairie points every time with a center fold, finishing from 1/2in up to 2 1/2in.

Price: $20.00 each

Steady Betty
The Steady Betty Pressing Surface 12" x 12". Perfect ironing surface for accurate pressing. Stays cooler than normal surfaces.

Price: $39.95 each

Stitch/Seam Ripper #482W
Ripping out seams, basting s, cutting under buttons.

Price: $4.50 each